Series Order

Here is a handy guide on series reading order!

Revelations Series:
1. On a Red Horse (Out Now)
2. On a White Horse (Out Now)
3. On a Black Horse (Forthcoming)
4. On a Pale Horse (Forthcoming) (Final Book)

Soul Program Series:
1. The First Reaper (Out Now)
2. Heart and Souls (Out Now)
3. Sins and Lies (Forthcoming)
4. Title Undetermined (Final Book)

Avalon Prophecy Series:
1. King Takes Queen (Out Now)
2. Knight Takes Queen (Forthcoming)
3. Knave Takes Queen (Forthcoming)

Related Books:
The Ultimate Temptation is related to (and set before) Mile High Menage.
On a Night's Edge is related to (and set before) On a Night's Edge.


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    1. Hi Samantha. If you go up and click on Books they are all in there. Just click the one your interested in and it will take you to the purchase page. Thanks for your interest. Here is the link for On a Red Horse if you want to start there.


Thank you!