Series Order

Here is a handy guide on series reading order!

Revelations Series:
1. On a Red Horse (Out Now)
2. On a White Horse (Out Now)
3. On a Black Horse (Forthcoming)
4. On a Pale Horse (Forthcoming) (Final Book)

Soul Program Series:
1. The First Reaper (Out Now)
2. Heart and Souls (Out Now)
3. Sins and Lies (Forthcoming)
4. Title Undetermined (Final Book)

Avalon Prophecy Series:
1. King Takes Queen (Out Now)
2. Knight Takes Queen (Forthcoming)
3. Knave Takes Queen (Forthcoming)

Related Books:
The Ultimate Temptation is related to (and set before) Mile High Menage.
On a Night's Edge is related to (and set before) On a Night's Edge.

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