One Shade of Gray is LIVE!

This is not the Dorian Gray you read in high school. In fact, I advise you to keep any and all children far away from this tale of love and madness.


They say the hottest ones are the craziest.

I got myself into this mess. What started as a little harmless fun with the boss turns south when the man whispers another woman’s name with this face between my legs.

Things get more weird when he confesses to being Dorian Gray. THAT Dorian Gray. Immortal Bad Boy, creepy picture—which turns out to be a lot more science than science fiction.

Do I give him another shot? A man with 150 years experience might teach me a thing or two.

After all, he is the original Mr. Gray.

This is a standalone romance with an HEA.

Sexy immortal hero meets a sassy American girl who knows what she wants. Find out what happens as they grapple for control. Grab a towel your ereader will be steaming up from the inside out.

Warning: Some dominance/submission elements in this book.

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One Shade of Gray Excerpt (NOT STEAMY)

Here is an excerpt just for you!

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Some said women who knew their own minds were dangerous. I disagreed. A woman who knew her mind, and her worth, was intoxicating.
She cleared her throat and I realized my thoughts had been wandering to the past. “My apologies.”
Her face flushed a pretty pink. “It’s fine just stop looking at me like that.”
“Like what?”
“Like I’m more than an employee.”
I leaned out, about to pull her in again for another lesson but she stalled my hands, placing her small ones on the outside of my own. They were chilled slightly but the touch sent a heat through me I hadn’t felt in years.
“I think we just had this conversation.”
She leaned in and pulled her hands into her lap. “No, we had a lecture. You told me how you wanted it and didn’t give me the chance to offer an opinion.”
Fair point. “Very well, what is your opinion on the matter, Miss Vale?”
“Do you actually want to know, or are you going to do that playboy billionaire thing where you declare something to be and suddenly the universe aligns against the poor unsuspecting female you set your sights on?”
I chuckled. She was funny. Maybe Sibyl had been funny too, and I never took the time to notice. “I promise your opinion will be considered with appropriate weight.”
“That sounds like something a billionaire playboy would say.”
I didn’t respond to her taunts but waited instead for her answer.
She raked her eyes over my face and body, and I’d never felt more on display. I sat up straighter, which caused a little tick of a smile to appear at the corner of her mouth.
“I don’t want to date you, Gray. You’re technically my boss, and while you’re very attractive I can’t put aside my personal work ethic.”
My heart hit my feet and shattered like a boulder into a pile of rubble. Of course I wasn’t going to force her to do anything. But part of me had hoped my charm or appeal might at least give me the opportunity.
“Is there anything I can do to change your mind?”
She shook her head and gave me a sad soft smile, the kind reserved for deathbeds and christenings. Definitely not the reaction I wanted from her. Not the smile I wanted from her.
I nodded and stood up, unable to remain under her scrutiny once she’d made her opinion so very plain. “Of course. I’ll not bother you again.”
“And you’ll stop following me?”
I threw some bills on the table, slipped my arms into my coat, and buttoned it, all without meeting her eyes. The rejection stung. In fact, I don’t think I’d ever felt this particular mix of humiliation and sadness. Once I was put together and glued on the face I showed the world, I gave her my own version of the deathbed smile and a little bow. “Of course.”
I walked away without a word but when I reached the middle of the square a hand clasped my shoulder. Izzy grabbed me and held out the book I’d left on the table. I took it and met her eyes, unsure what she could see there, unsure what I could and couldn’t hide when I was around her.

She leaned in and whispered, “I’m not going to ask to kiss you but I will give you this as a parting gift.”

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One Shade of Gray STEAMY Excerpt

Here is an excerpt just for you!

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My heart beat so loudly in my chest I was sure he could hear the echoing thump thump thump against my ribcage.
Did he know what I was asking? Did I know what I was asking? Before I could let the potential fear kick in, I gave my mind over to my body, and lifted my arm to slap him one more time.
He grabbed my wrist in a crushing grip, stalling its progress before I could strike him.
There was no give in that look. Not one. Single. Inch. For the first time, I met his eyes and saw something to fear, but I didn’t fear for myself. That look said he’d been to the brink of insanity and stood just on the good side. One push might send him over. So I swallowed my hurt pride, let him squeeze my wrist a little too tight, and popped up onto my tiptoes to finally taste sin.
But he wouldn’t let me reach his lips. His other hand closed around my throat, not squeezing, but cradling it. I knew he understood exactly what I wanted right now, what I needed right now, and I let him take control.
He spun me to face the wall. His body aligned behind mine and he released me to rip open the bottom of my shirt. I mourned Cap for a brief second. The rough handling and the loose hold sent the fabric scraps to my ankles. I swallowed the knifepoint of fear threatening to slice open the moment and bleed it dead. No. He wanted me and I wanted him. I didn’t expect it like this but I was in no way unwilling. My pants were next as he roughly shoved them to my feet along with my panties.
“Put your hands on the wall and don’t move,” he said in my ear. More growl than an actual directive.
I spread my arms out and anchored my fingertips in the brick, the scratchy grooves between the rectangles giving me something to anchor to. It should have felt like a police frisking. Cold and unmovable, with my bare ass out and him completely clothed behind me.
The heat of his body through his clothes warmed me, excited me, aroused me in a way I didn’t know was possible.
I cleared my throat to speak, but he clamped a hand over my mouth.
“Don’t. If you want to stop, you have to explicitly say stop. No matter what happens or how many rounds you think we’ve gone. Do you understand? When you say stop I will let you go completely.” He released his hold over my mouth and buried his face into the back of my hair. “Tell me to stop. Tell me to stop now,” he begged.
My body reacted before my mind and reached around to hold the back of his neck. I wasn’t going to say stop. He’d started this and now he was going to have to see it through.
“Put your hand back on the wall,” he snapped after as second of us standing, breathing, beating together.
The fear left me. He was in control and some dark twisted part of me liked it that way. To surrender to him. To give up that gnawing part of my always questioning mind.
At the same time, it wasn’t always like this. We had been in a reverse position only hours before and both of us wrangled for control then too. It seemed this time he’d won. Next time I would. 
His hands traced the curves of my bare hips, and I caught a whisper in a foreign language I didn’t recognize. Right now I couldn’t ask what it meant, but I filed away the information for later.

He slid those long fingers over the curves of my thighs to my core, only inches from touching the part of me that ached for it. “Do you know what I’m going to do to you?”

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Two Shades of Black

TO the fab fans who are already in love with Dorian...this one is for you!

This book will be for Jake, who in One Shade of Gray, turns out to be a very important character.


Once you read the book come back here and tell me what you think of him!

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Here's a little tease:

There are two shades of black. That regular darkness found harmless in shadowed corners. And then there's the deep. A gloom that devours and destroys everything in its path. You might be the first shade, but I'm the second.

FOR NOW you can read the first book SOOON!