Five Question Friday: Tina Glasneck

  • By Monica Corwin
  • 15 Dec, 2017

Please welcome Tina Glasneck to Five Question Friday!

A little about my special guest today:

TINA GLASNECK enjoys creating stories that combine history and Norse Gods. Someday she might just fancy a trip to Asgard too, and find out what all the fuss is about! Learn more about Tina at her website:

1.    Best piece of writing advice you ever got.

 During one of my first book signings at a big named bookstore, I met a very well-known and respected business man, and he told me, “Keep looking forward.” I realized: it wasn’t about all of the mistakes that I’d made to get to that point, but if I’d keep moving forward, and striving for my dreams, then I could reach them.

2.    How do you drink your coffee or tea?

  I’ve been told that I like nuclear-grade coffee (and I drink up to 10 cups a day to keep my brain functioning). The first cup is with a splash of milk, but as the day goes on, the coffee gets darker and darker until it is almost black. Sometimes I get fancy and add either hot chocolate or cinnamon to it, just to change things up a bit.

3.    Book that changed the way you see the world.

There are so many books that I’ve loved and that have had an influence on me, from Thomas Harrison’s Red Dragon to Jude Deveraux’s Velvet Song . However, the stories I think opened my mind to storytelling would be the two ancient stories by Homer called The Iliad and The Odyssey . They were both a part of my curriculum in high school and I loved the details, action and emotion, and of course, the journey. They both provided me with some wisdom too: keep pushing forward; and, intelligence can be your best asset. After reading these I set out on my own journeys to discover the world and boy, am I glad. I also met myself along the way.

4.    Favorite article of clothing/or accessory?

Chakra bracelet. There are times when I get super stressed out, but I find that the bracelet with its pretty stones helps me calm down and enjoy the moment.

5.    What are you most proud of in your writing career.

This year I received my letters, and am now a USA Today Bestselling Author. This means so much to me, as I had considered giving up writing completely. However, instead, I sat down and concentrated on what I wanted and needed to happen for me to continue writing. At the end of this year, 2017, I will have written 16 books, and released 10 of them this year. Because I didn’t give up, and pressed forward, I am now living my dream of being an author!

Tina is visiting to promote Hellish, Book 1 in The Hell Chronicles! Find the links at the bottom!

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Lady Hel, the ruler of Helheim, is cursed for disobeying Odin's order. Stripped of her position, she’s imprisoned in Midgard on an ostentatious estate until she is able to find love.

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Harley Andersen is a seven-year college senior with no idea what to do with his life. So far all he’s come up with is killing time. When his best friend dares him to hop the gate of what's supposed be a haunted house, he encounters a woman who steals a lot more than his breath. And what she's offering could give him the future he’s missing.

It’ll just require a trip to the past.



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A little about my special guest today:

TINA GLASNECK enjoys creating stories that combine history and Norse Gods. Someday she might just fancy a trip to Asgard too, and find out what all the fuss is about! Learn more about Tina at her website:

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A little about my special guest today!

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