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Hello Lovelies,

I know you have to be posts in two weeks. I know...I told you I'm trying to make some consistency here. As promised this week I'm going to talk to you about the typewriter it took me years to find. In reality I didn't find this one...a friend found it and and then sent it to me because he knew I wanted one and i'd been hunting it.

To those who collect and search for typewriters we call it hunting...when we are searching for a specific machine or just wandering a crowded antique mall trying to spot the shiny keys stuffed under tables or above book cases. That's the secret you see...people either put them on the floor or way up high on a solid piece of furniture.

Anyway...the holy grail of typewriters here. A ROYAL (that's the brand for those who aren't up on their typewriter game) model P. This particular model was made in the early 30's. Mine is read with some wear around the edges that looks a little black from the paint peeling away.

She types perfectly but the cherry on the cake is her Art Deco typeface. Now this is a more rare typeface known as VOGUE.

This old girl just needed a bit of a clean and now she works perfectly. I love that typeface so much! This model comes in a plethora of colors and even many shades of two-tone variety as evidence by this screen grab of Google Images search:

I discovered typewriters some time ago when I was living in Harrisburg and fighting the worst case of writer's block I could ever experience. Someone told me to try something new...and so I found an old beat up Underwood on Craigslist, cleaned her up, and I sat down and wrote 15,000 words in a few days straight.

Like pencils typewriters allow you a physical connection to your work. My friend made the hashtag #writingisacontactsport for when he got his typewriter and that is SO accurate. There is life in the pages you type away. You can tell when you were feeling particularly emotional or when you hit your flow by how heavy or light the indentations on the page is.

I love my typewriters and if you need a little whimsy in your life I highly suggest you find one. There are probably many at your local antique mall but you can also find them at local thrift stores, eBay, and Craigslist (but be safe if you go this route).

Sorry so short this week...headed on a long road trip back to Harrisburg tomorrow. Do you have a typewriter? If so...share it!


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