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Hi Beautiful People!

Today is my day for a blog hop and I thought I'd share a fun snippet of a piece I am working on. 

Ten years ago vampires came out of the shadows and revealed themselves to the world. But humans did not embrace them and soon they were hunted, segregated, and treated like the scum of the Earth. Ben Howard hates vampires, and he works hard on the legislation that will send them back the hole they crawled out of. 

Rachel Hawking has a plan...vampires need a champion and she has the perfect man in mind. They only had to deal with his pesky mortality first.

I hope you enjoy this little snippet of the first chapter. A new blog post goes up tomorrow! Check out Zoe's blog for the 30th!

*be kind this is unedited* 

I woke up to a foot in my face. In the foot’s it was well-formed, free of calluses or ugly moles, and sat gently against my cheek. The other problem was the smooth bare abdomen under my palm. I didn’t recall bringing anyone to bed last night and year someone’s stomach, decidedly not my stomach, lay stretched below my palm. She was thin and my hand almost spanned the entirety of the smooth skin. I felt her stir as I flexed my fingers around her and I jerked away. Didn’t do to feel up someone without permission...well in this case I couldn’t recall getting permission and that made me feel even more the tool.
I reached up and pulled the foot away to sit on the pillow next to my head before gently climbing out of bed in an attempt not to wake her. Looking down at her now her face did seem familiar. I racked my brain, running a hand up over the back of my mussed hair, to my eyes.
“You’re awake,” she said, sitting up inside a mass of down comforter and messy sheets.
“Yes, sorry, wasn’t trying to wake you.”
“No, I don’t sleep much,” she said, tilting her head to look at me. Like a puppy regarding his master. I was beginning to feel the creep of unease.
“ me did we meet?”
She smiled now, straightening her head and I caught the glint of sharp teeth. It was all I needed to see before I skittered back to the doorway behind.
“You’re a vampire?”
She smiled. “I never hid that fact.”
“But..”  sputtered and clutched at my neck to find not a single mark there.
She watched me with a curious smile and cast her glance down my naked body. Realization dawned and clutched my inner thigh. Two small circles sat freshly scabbed over right below my groin.
“I didn’t give my permission for this. I would have never give my permission.”
“But you did sweeting. I even have a witness.”
If I had given consent, which I hadn’t, why couldn’t I remember anything?
“You need to leave,” I said, anger surging up into my chest. I would have dragged her out by the hair if I didn’t fear losing that hand in doing so.
She brought her knees up to her chest. “Can’t. Daylight.”
“Then call a dark ride. You’re not welcome here.”

Her lip turned down in a pout. I couldn’t tell if it was a real one or not. Never could tell with her kind.
She climbed from the bed all grace and beauty and all I could wish for was something to cover myself with. I watched her gather her things and before she exited she placed a black card on the nightstand. "In case you feel like a chat."
I frowned and waiting for her to go and she did but at her own pace. I didn’t leave the room until I heard the door open and close and a car speed off outside.
How in the fuck had I gotten involved with a vampire? I always stuck to places that didn’t allow them admittance and came home with me last night. One thing was for sure I would have never consented. I exited the room and went to my computer. My bank might be able to tell me where I went last night. I logged in looked at the last few transactions only coming across my usual places.
I sat back to consider the situation. Not once had I ventured into a vampire bar and neither did I frequent places that would let those bloodsuckers in. Menace to society...if they would only go back to the prison system no one would have to deal with their kind.
I went to the bathroom to take shower -- feeling a little violated and dirty. She may not have had a scent but I couldn’t get the way she stared at me hungrily from my mind.

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