October's Trials and Tribulations

Dearest Readers,

As you know October has been a hard month for a lot of people, I was no exception.

The month started out with me being furloughed and my savings depleted as I tried to make up a paycheck, one that I had no idea when it would be reinstated. Additionally, I was told we are being laid off, not right this moment, but in a little while. Nothing like an office morale builder, I tell ya.

Furthermore, BOTH of my great grandmothers, one on my dad's side and the other on my mother's passed away. They led beautiful full lives and lived to late 80s and early 90s. I am happy they are in a better place but I still feel the loss of them in my life, and for one the loss of never really knowing her as I could, and should, have.

My month basically continues in this way until finally I hit a week where I can get out of bed and not want to fall off a building, that is Monday (last monday). I was approved for a new apartment and even got a month free rent to start saving again.

Life doesn't punch me in the face often but when it does it's usually a sucker punch.

I am currently fending off emails from the obligations I've overshot and one from my publisher because I am also about two weeks late on Book 5 of The Count.

<enters writing cave, waves at the people on the outside until he door closes>

Be patient with me loves I am trying to get my life together.


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