Naked Men and Bacon

Dearest Readers,

If I have any readers. Sometimes I wonder if I am talking to empty cyberspace, waiting for someone to come along and say 'hey, I like what this girl is saying, maybe I'll read more'. Oh well, we carry on and we carry on.

It's 6 am on September 2nd here on the east coast and like my life story I have procrastinated on my homework yet again so I now have TWO weeks worth of late assignments. I also believe I have one late book and one book releasing today. OH YEAH. The Count of Monte Cristo: Wild and Wanton Edition Volume TWO drops today so please check it out.

Anyway. So I am sitting here in the morning hours after a long Sunday of being sick and disgruntled and I start to think about bacon, then I start thinking about a man cooking me bacon, and then I think about a semi-naked man cooking bacon, and THEN I think...probably not a good idea.

My point is I enjoy both naked men and bacon and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I am a 26 year old woman with a pulse and I happen to be a size 20. Don't put your ideals of health and beauty on me. I went out with a friend for a drink on Saturday and I looked great. I felt great and I know people were looking. For proof:

My point is whether you are size 2, a size 8, or a size 20 be who you want to be, and just live your life for yourself. If someone puts you down move on and think about naked men and bacon. It always works for me.

So...a very wonderful 2 September to you all.



  1. I am in LOVE with that dress!! You look fantastic! xo! <3


Thank you!