In Which I Fail At Life!

It's been a month of no posts...a month of overwhelming homework and deadlines deadlines deadlines. The release of The Count V1: Wild and Wanton comes out in a week and V2 will be available on 2 September, I just handed in the second round of edits. At the moment I am about to hand in book 3.

The hard thing is I am exhausted. The stress of working full time, raising a 9 month old, and going to school full time has been hard. Also, my cervical cancer is making life a bit harder with the medications and other things I've had going on. ALL this plus deadlines = *head explode*

What have I been doing to cope you ask??

YUP. It's not exciting but you have to do what you have to do. I have other news. My anthology with Breathless was released this month as well. It's contains the story about Rone and Josh meeting for the first time. I LOVE those adorable and sexy. You can get that book HERE

I appreciate all your support and your well wishes as I go through this time in my life.



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