Hola Readers,

Sorry for absence for so long. I've been busy is an understatement. For those who don't know I go to school full time, work full time, and take care of a five month old, addition to writing. So...we hit the teething stage and life has been pretty rough.

Anyway, I wanted to update anyone who actually reads my website on what I've been doing. I signed a contract with Crimson Romance last month to write an erotic version of The Count of Monte Cristo, if you know how big this thing is you can see how monumental a task I have undertaken.

In addition I just finished copy edits for Legend's Fall (*squeee*) and I was offered a new contract for a series of contemporary novellas with Breathess Press. Furthermore, I also had a piece accepted with an anthology for Ravenous Romance. So..for those keeping score at home:

Legend's Fall (Breathless Press - Releases April 26th)
The Midnight Masquerade (Decadent Publishing) - Edge Short
Kiss and Tell (Breathless Press) Novella
How to Train Your Master Vampire (Ravenous Romance) Antho Short
Undergroud Temptation (Breathless Press) Antho Short
The Count of Monte Cristo: The Wild and Wanton Edition (Crimson Romance)

*hugs and happy thought for everyone*

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