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Last night I hosted a dinner for family and friends to celebrate the release of Legend's Fall and I will tell you what happened. Well, we went to the Cheesecake Factory, which was A-MAZ-ING...tiramisu cheesecake all the way. Oh so I stopped on the way home for a bottle of wine, intent on curling up with  Edmond Dantes for the evening but when I got my wine the guy at the wine place asked me if I was celebrating (I assume since I was all dressed up) and I told him why and he asked me where if was published etc and I told him it's only available in ebook...and he straight up, to my face, told me that didn't count...

Riddle me this, how does years of work that finally gets picked as good enough to be be published by someone else not count as an accomplishment once complete, no matter if it's an ebook or a print book or dang audio book...who cares. I took the time to write a book and it was published. I am a published author.

I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR. Of course, I am a woman of convictions and I know where I stand, I politely smiled, grabbed my wine, and left but the whole conversation left a sour taste in my mouth that people would think this way, especially with how much the market as evolved since even I started publishing in it.

*climbs off soap box*

Now, I want to tell you all thank you for taking the time to read my blog, my books, and for your support my dreams. Now...comment below and win a swag pack that may have a golden ticket (or a postcard with "What if legends are wrong?" ... if you win an ereader or giftcard!!

18 to enter. Leave a comment with email below.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. I love the cheesecake factory ~

    What an one can tell you who YOU are!!! I hope you enjoyed your wine!

    From a reader of your PUBLISHED works...Heather


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