15 DAYS!

Hola Readers,

I am in shock and awe that in 15 days Legend's Fall will be unleashed upon the world for all to see. This excites and terrifies me.

(not my pic)

While I appreciate those who read my short stories, and I work hard on them, I feel like they aren't quite long enough for me to put my entire self into. Legend's Fall however is signifigantly longer than my shorts and I have every single bit of me in that story. This is the story I've wanted to write since I was a little girl (okay maybe a little more PG) and I love these characters so much.

So...all of that being said. I am incredibly happy people have the opportunity to fall in love with the characters I am also ridiculously nervous because might hate it. While I will respect that and applaud you for reading my book even if you hated it...I will still be sad, of course.

I'm just putting myself out there and as a reader I never thought about it from this side of things. If I didn't like a book I would tell the world why I hated it, not truly understanding the depths of themselves authors put into everything they write. Now, I know.


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