Ereader Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered!!

I apologize it took so long to get the winner picked. It was a long work week for me and I am in the midst of finishing a novella, on top of school and taking care of a newborn alone. Well, it's a lot for any woman to handle.

So, without further ado...the winners of the giveaway:

The first winner of a copy of Forbidden Attraction is:


The second winner of a copy of the book is:


and the third winner of a copy is:


FINALLY...the winner of the ereader and copies of both Forbidden Attraction and Mile High Menage is:


I need all the winners to please send me an email (mojo09226(AT) what you won in the title, for the ereader winner I need to know which ereader you prefer and an address to send it to.

Thank you everyone who entered and help spread the love for my books. I appreciate it more than I can say.


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  1. You are awesome! And I don't mean for the giveaway, although that really is awesome, and I appreciate it more than words can even say, but what I meant is you are awesome for taking care of a newborn, going to school, and writing a novella all at once! You go girl!


Thank you!